Lampy is building that, when used, will illuminate dark areas. The first stage will have Lampy start off as a little light bulb. When upgraded, he becomes a spinning light. Upgrading him to his third and final stage will make him a typical lamp. Lampy is also the only building to possess only three stages, rather than five. It has a placement limit of four.

Pros Cons
  • Can be used as the primary source of lighting when used on the map Grand Garage on hard difficulty, as it is very dark.
  • It is a very cheap building to build and upgrade.
  • Very useless when used on other raid mode maps.
  • Has a placement limit of four.


Level Appearance Mana Cost
1 Lampy Level 1.png 50
2 Lampy Level 2.png 600
3 Lampy Level 3.png 2000
Lampy (Boss) Health Speed
Lampy Boss.png
50000 0.8


Lampy is the boss of the Weekly Challenge "Summoner's Revenge?!"

Lampy can be used as walls, but low with HP

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